Cormac Ryan

2002 BSc Sports and Exercise Science, University of Limerick
2004 MSc Physiotherapy, Queen Margaret University College Edinburgh, Scotland
2008 PhD (Free living Physical activity as an outcome measure of functional ability in individuals with chronic low back pain) Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland
2010 Postgraduate certificate in learning and teaching, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland.

Current Position
Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, School of Health and Social Care, Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK: My role is primarily research focused, my areas of interest include chronic musculoskeletal pain and physical activity. I also have a lecturing role at the University and run a small private physiotherapy clinic.

Career Path
Prior to my post as Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy at Teesside University I was a lecturer in physiotherapy at Glasgow Caledonian University for 3 years.  Prior to this I held part time positions in physiotherapy clinics gaining experience and knowledge from various employers.

Cooperative Education Placement
In my 3rd year of study I undertook a 9 month work placement at Metrohealth Medical Centre in Cleveland Ohio, USA. There, I worked within a laboratory studying the effects of exercise on diabetes and obesity. The laboratory was headed by a former UL PESS student Professor John Kirwan. My workplace experience was fantastic and it played an important role in the development of my future career.

What advice would you give to school goers considering choosing sport and exercise sciences?
I would strongly encourage students to consider a career in Sports and Exercise Science. The course at UL is excellent and provides a pathway to multiple different career paths.

What advice would you give to future graduates of Sport and Exercise Sciences?
I would recommend that future graduates take all the opportunities that come their way and remain open to working in different areas of Sports and Exercise Science.