Ciarán Byrne

B.Sc. Sport and Exercise Sciences, University of Limerick, Ireland  1999.
M.Sc. Physiology / Bio-Medical Research, University of Limerick, Ireland, 2002.
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, University of Salford, UK, 2004.
Current Position
2009-Present: Global Product Manager (Cook Medical, Indiana, USA). Cook Medical design and manufacture a wide range of medical device products across multiple medical specialties. "As a Global Product Manager in the Peripheral Intervention Division for Cook Medical, I am responsible for the sales, marketing and product development of Cook Medical’s peripheral drug-eluting stent program. The job has a nice combination of sales and marketing as well as working with engineering teams to develop new products. More specifically, my role is to become an expert in my product line and to help the sales team maximise sales in global markets. The product manager helps train the sales team to ensure they know how to best present the product to physicians. Further responsibilities include working with engineering teams to design and manufacture new and existing products. I share feedback from physicians with engineers to ensure we make the best product design decisions. We meet regularly with physicians to discuss medical trends, and to fully understand their needs when using devices to treat patients.  As a product manager you work with a clinical research team to help design clinical trials and then publish the clinical trial data. This data is then used to help sell your product. I am very fortunate to have global responsibilities which have enabled me to travel internationally and understand different market needs. Overall there is great variety in the job which makes it a very interesting.  Prior to this position, I started as a product manager for thrombectomy in Cook Medical, developing medical products to extract clot from the vascular system."
Career Path
1999-2002 MSc (Research) in physiology / biomedical engineering in UL. "The goal of my masters was to research electrical signal patterns in muscles during walking for medical rehabilitation applications."

2002-2006: Research Scientist: Bio-Medical Research Ltd, a Galway based company who designs and manufactures consumer products and medical devices. "My job involved working closely with the engineering team to develop products for the sport, exercise and medical markets. The products use technology known as electrical muscle stimulation and I was able to apply my physiology knowledge to help design and develop the products."

2006-2008: Business Consultant, Bio-Medical Research Ltd, Galway. In addition team / individual coaching, and mental training for sport.
Cooperative Work Placement
"In 1998 I did my COOP working for the University of Limerick Sports Department. I got the opportunity to understand how a large sports business worked on a day-to-day basis. The scope of the work was very varied e.g. helping visiting teams, working in the UL activity centre, publishing a sports magazine and coordinating a sports week with local schools. It was a great opportunity to apply some of the knowledge and skills learned in the course as well as interacting with people in the business world and understand how a large sports organization works."

What advice would you give to school goers considering choosing Sport and Exercise Sciences?
"I would highly recommend that you consider Sport and Exercise Sciences as a degree. If you are passionate about sport and have an interest in Science or vice versa, this is a wonderful degree programme that teaches you much more than just core sport science theory. To this day the presentation skills that I learned during the course have enabled me to be successful in the business world. The knowledge of scientific studies has helped me create sales and marketing tools that are used every day in a global medical device business. If you want to know what specific job you will get from Sport and Exercise Science, my answer would be - whatever you want. With the right work ethic and attitude this degree lays an exceptional foundation for a successful career. This is evident in my group of classmates. They have each chosen careers inside and outside of Sport and Exercise Sciences but all of them have been very successful."

What advice would you give to future graduates of Sport and Exercise Sciences?
"I honestly believe there has never been a better time to be a college graduate. With the internet and relatively inexpensive global travel the world is truly your oyster. There is huge opportunity inside and outside of Ireland to develop your own ideas or to offer your skills and value to employers globally. Consider everything you do to be a stepping stone to something bigger and better. At all times believe and trust in your own ability – Irish graduates are easily as good or in many cases better than graduates anywhere else in the world."