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Midwifery Learning Opportunities

Midwifery Learning Opportunities

Limerick - Clinical Midwife Specialist Diabetes

Waterford - Integrated Hospital & Community Midwifery Services

Waterford Regional Hospital - Postnatal Ward

MW Practice Record Book

Clinical Concerns and Supports

Clinical Placement Evaluation Form

Learning Logs - Specialist Placements

Medication Management Policy for MW Students SE Placements

Specialist Placements Evaluation Form

MPDU Contact Details

Protocol for reporting absence from Clinical Placement MW & HDM Students

Student Midwifery Orientation Sheet

MWRMH Uniform Policy

University Maternity Hospital, Antenatal Clinic, Learning Opportunities

University Maternity Hospital, Maternity Emergency Unit, Learning Opportunities

University Hospital Waterford - (IHCMS) 

Specialist Placement - Gynaecology

Specialist Placement General (Theatre)

Specialist Placement General (Surgery)

Specialist Placement - Mental Health

Specialist Placement General (Medical)

University Maternity Hospital Limerick - Neonatal Unit

Medication Management Policy for B.Sc. Midwifery Students

University Hospital Waterford - Antenatal Clinic - Learning Opportunities

Infant Feeding Learning Opportunities

Medical Learning Opportunities - B.Sc. Midwifery Students

Neonatal Unit Learning Opportunities

Obstetric Theatre Learing Opportunities

Mental Health Learning Opportunities

General Surgical Learning Opportunities

Theatre Learning Opportunities