Hon. Mr. Justice John Murray, Adjunct Professor of Law, UL

Former Chief Justice appointed Adjunct Professor of Law at UL

Tuesday, 28th February 2012 Tags: Hon. Mr. Justice John Murray, Supreme Court, school of law, Adjunct Professor of Law,

The School of Law of the University of Limerick is pleased to announce the appointment of former Chief Justice the Hon. Mr. Justice John Murray as Adjunct Professor of Law.  Mr. Justice Murray will hold this office for a period of two years and will attend the School of Law each semester and make presentations to students on topical questions of law and the administration of justice.  

Head of School, Sinead Eaton, said; “It is a great honour for the School of Law that the Senior Ordinary Member of the Supreme Court, who recently completed his term of office as Chief Justice of Ireland, the State's highest judicial office, has agreed to become an adjunct professor of the faculty here at UL.”

Mr. Justice Murray is a former Attorney General and a former judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union on which he served for a period of eight years.  In the years 1997 – 2000 he taught at Louvain University as a visiting professor.

The School of Law at UL offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study including; Bachelor of Law – Law Plus, Structured PhD in Criminal Justice and a range of Masters programmes including; Human Rights in Criminal Justice, International Commercial Law and European and Comparative Law. UL is also home to the first School of Law replica courtroom in Ireland.