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Composites at Bernal Seminar Series

Tue, 02 Oct 2018

Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Time: 12:00 to 13:00
Duration: 1 Hour
Contact: Mohammad Rouhi -
Location: MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension, University of Limerick, Ireland

Presentation By

Dr Terry McGrail, Irish Composites Centre (IComp), University of Limerick.

Presentation Title

Second Generation Epoxy Resins for High Performance Composites using RTM.


Epoxies are thermosetting resins that are inherently brittle because of their high crosslink density. First generation (untoughened) epoxies are, therefore, only suitable for aircraft secondary structures. Second generation (toughened) epoxies were developed by the incorporation of a bespoke functionalised thermoplastic into specific resin formulations. Prepregs made from these toughened epoxies are now widely used in primary structures on civil and military aircraft. Out-of-autoclave processes such as RTM are of great interest to the aerospace industry but the thermoplastic component of second generation epoxies makes them too viscous for liquid resin infusion processes. This problem was solved by the development of “Soluble Fibre Technology” which enables composite parts to be manufactured using RTM having the same thermomechanical properties as those made from prepreg.

About The Presenter

Terry McGrail is Director of the Irish Composites Centre (IComp) founded by Enterprise Ireland in 2010. Prior to joining IComp he had a very successful career as an industrial scientist specialising in polymers and composites. He has over 50 peer reviewed publications and 49 patents in his name and has received awards from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Materials for his contribution to composites science. Through IComp he is using his experience and expertise to lead a broad programme of R&D spread across four different Research Providing Organisations in support of the Irish composites industry.

Tea/coffee will be available at 11h45.