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Bernal Institute Research Forum

Fri, 20 Oct 2017

Date: Friday, October 20, 2017
Time: 15:00 to 16:00
Duration: One hour
Contact: Joan O'Riordan -
Location: MSG-025 MSSI Building Extension, Ireland

Professor Marty Gregg, Queen’s University Belfast.

Controlling Domains and Domain Walls in Ferroelectrics

Understanding domain patterns and how they rearrange in different thermodynamic environments have been mainstays in ferroic materials research for many decades. However, recent progress suggests that focusing on the domains themselves could have been a mistake. Instead, the domain walls - 2D sheet objects that separate domains - could be much more interesting and important. This talk will describe some aspects of both nanoscale domain and domain wall research, with an emphasis on the work being done in the ferroelectrics group in Queen’s University Belfast.

Marty Gregg obtained his primary degree (1991) and PhD (1995) from Cambridge before joining Queen’s University Belfast, where he is now Professor of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science and Director of Research for the Centre for Nanostructured Media (CNM). His research interests are in ferroelectric domains and domain walls, and he has written editorial pieces for both Nature (2014) and Science (2012) on the subject. Studies over the last ten years have often involved the investigation of nanoscale single crystals cut from bulk using a Focused Ion Beam Microscope (FIB) and it is primarily this work that resulted in the conferment of the Japanese 'International Award of Ferroelectrics and their Applications' (formerly the ‘Ikeda Prize’). He was the first UK-based recipient of this prize in its history.


Tea/coffee will be available at 14h45
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