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Digital Library

The main goal of the Digital Library is to improve access to materials, many of which are old and rare and were only available to view in hard copy print format heretofore. The majority of our digitised material will become searchable via databases on the Internet. 

The digitisation unit of the Library was established at the end of 2008. Digitisation of materials is possible by means of sophisticated scanning equipment which will ensure the best possible images are reproduced. Finance for this equipment was acquired under the HEA Research Equipment Fund, as the result of a successful joint bid by the Library and the History Department.

UL40 Digitisation Project

This year marks the University's 40th anniversary and a project is underway to organise and digitise the photographic archives which document the history and the development of its campus, academic programs, and community life. Prior to moving the material into the digital library we are making some items available on The Commons from Flickr. Many of the photos are of individuals and these are proving the most difficult to identify and describe. By putting the pictures on Flickr Commons we hope that past UL students will recognise themselves or people they know and will add comments to the pictures to help us.

We have only put up a few photos to get started but over the next few months we will make many more available. If you would like to see the collection and begin identifying people you know please visit the UL Digital Library on Flickr Commons.

We make all reasonable attempts to check copyright and the material that we do make available on The Commons website has, to our knowledge, no copyright restrictions. Further copyright information and the UL Digital Library Flickr Commons Rights Statement are available on the library website.

It's a Long Way to Tipperary

Follow the lives of the Armstrong family from Moyaliffe, Co. Tipperary during the First World War, beginning in late June 1914. Relive the experience of this family in wartime through weekly updates from their diaries and letters.

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Limerick and the 1916 Rising

Limerick & the 1916 Rising is the story of the Limerick Fenian John Daly, his family and their contribution and involvement in the 1916 Rising. 

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