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SAGE Research Methods access for UL community

When: Monday, November 18, 2019 - 16:15

The library is pleased to announce that SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is now available to the UL community. SRM is a platform designed to support the teaching and learning of research methodology at all levels and is used in more than 300 institutions worldwide including more than half of the 24 Russell Group institutions. SAGE Research Methods has a wide array of tools and materials to support your teaching, by providing practical skills videos, interactive tools such as methods lists and the methods map in addition to hundreds of cases that you can work through with your students:

Sage Research Methods can guide your students through every step of the research process, from formulating a research question to writing up the findings.

The library will organise training to demonstrate how to incorporate the resource in to your teaching and workflows but you can get started yourself with this SAGE Research Methods demonstration video showing the core functionality of the platform, including running searches, refining your results according to your needs, and using one of our most popular research tools - the Methods Map.

Please explore the available elements of the platform

SAGE Research Methods Cases 1; 600+ cases with ~30 new cases added annually

SRM Video: Practical Research and Academic Skills;  400+ videos covering key academic skills and areas of researchers’ professional development

Contact the library if you have any queries relating to its use: