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Love your data – Give it a persistent Identifier.

Author: Ashling Hayes
Categories: research data management
When: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 09:15

Error 404 resource not found! Too often traditional URLs which link to digital objects get broken. It is extremely easy for this to happen as anytime that someone moves a site or changes the names of the files in a site in any way, everyone linking to the site gains a broken link.

The cure for this is to use persistent identifiers. Persistent identifiers like DOI’s and Handles are long-lasting references to a digital resource. Typically it has two components: a unique identifier; and a service that locates the resource over time even when it's location changes. So no more broken links.

The vast majority of Journal Articles are assigned a DOI but DOI’s can be assigned to all digital objects, including dataset, databases and software.

The Glucksman Library is a member of Crossref and DataCite and can help you to assign DOI’s to your datasets or other digital objects. Contact ashling.hayes@ul.ie for more information.

ORCID IDs are another form of Persistent Identifier. AN ORCID is an identifier for a researcher. In a country with a small pool of names the likelihood of you having the same name as another researcher is high. ORCID ids give all those John Smith’s an individual ID so they can be distinguished from another. You can sign up for ORCID here

If you wish to publish the data underlying your publications you can publish the data  in our Zenodo Community and make your publications Open Access by depositing the accepted manuscript in our repository ULIR

Love Data Week 2019 is taking place February 11 – 15. Follow along at #lovedataweek on twitter