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Library Policies

Detailed information on the policies and procedures in the Library

Collection Development and Management Policies

The Collection Development & Management Policies are designed to provide guidelines to librarians and faculty regarding the allocation of library resources and the acquisition of library materials, whether they are in print or electronic format.

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Library Materials Borrowing Policy

Library users have a responsibility:

  • To only take materials from the Library when an approved loan procedure has been followed. Library users must check that they have no unauthorised items with them when leaving the Library. The unauthorised removal of library materials or equipment is considered a serious offence. Library users will be requested to present bags or other containers for inspection if the Library security system is activated.
  • To abide by copyright law, data protection and any licensing agreements entered into by the Library or University for the use of software, databases and equipment.
  • To return or renew library materials borrowed on or before the date and time due. Failure to return borrowed materials will incur a fine. All items on loan are subject to recall by the Library at any time.
  • To return all loans before University registration terminates. In the case of graduating students, non-payment of Library debts will result in the degree certificate being withheld. In severe cases, graduation will not be permitted. All Library fines should be settled promptly.
  • To be strictly responsible for any library material issued for loan or consultation in their name, until such time as it is returned, undamaged, to the Library and the relevant loan record cancelled. Material(s) accidentally damaged or lost by the Library borrower will be charged at an appropriate rate. Where a guarantor has been designated, S/He will be deemed liable for any library debt(s) incurred by a defaulter(s).
  • To alert Library staff as soon as possible if Library material is missing, lost or stolen.
  • Not to remove materials classed as 'reference' or 'not for loan' from the Library.
  • To respect and maintain an orderly and tidy Library environment. Handle Library materials with care. Keep materials intact and return to designated areas or place on trolleys for shelving.
  • To alert the Library of any changes of addresses (term/home), email or other relevant registration details.
  • To respond and act upon all Library correspondence promptly

Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile phone use is restricted in the Library

You can...

  • Listen to messages.
  • Have quiet phone conversations in back stairwells and bathrooms
  • Use silent functions on your phone.

You cannot...

  • Make or receive calls in the Library.
  • Use your phone in any way in the silent zones.

Noise Policy

The Library is committed to providing readers with a comfortable learning environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users.

Zoning is in place throughout the building. We depend on the co-operation of all library users to help us in our efforts to manage noise.

 Zoning policy in the library.

Co-operating with the student noise monitor, library and security staff

We will strive to ensure that all who visit the library abide by the zoning policy for the
benefit of all our readers. We aim to do this by monitoring noise levels, patrolling reading
areas, signage and approaching individuals or groups who are making noise.

All readers must comply with instructions from staff members. If disruptive behaviour persists,
the individual(s) may be required to provide identification, to leave the library, or be referred to

Seat Booking Policy

During busy times of the year, the Library implements a seat booking policy

  • Library study places are offered on a 'FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED' basis.
  • Any study spaces left unattended for longer than 45 minutes may be cleared by security or library staff for use by another reader.
  • Please do not leave laptops/USBs or other valuables unattended for ANY length of time.
  • The Library shall not be responsible for any stolen or damaged property.

Due to the demand for space in the Glucksman Library we will have staff patrolling the study desks to ensure compliance with the seat booking policy as outlined above.

Desks remaining unoccupied for more than 45 minutes will be cleared and released for use to another student. Any material removed from the desk will be available to retrieve from a box beside or near the desk that you left unoccupied.

If the desk is left unoccupied has been cleared, you may seek an alternative space in the library.

The library has other study spaces around the campus and your attention is drawn to the following locations:

UL Building Room Number Seating (approx.) Opening Hours
Main Building A1 083b 52  reading spaces  24 hours / 7 days a week
PESS  Reading Room Floor 1    Monday - Thursday
8:30am to 9pm (Weeks 1-12)
8:30am to 5:15pm all other times
Closed at weekends
Schuman S2 01 27 reading spaces Monday - Friday
8:30am - 10pm

We ask that you co-operate with our staff in this initiative which serves to provide fairer access to the library study spaces.

If you have queries or complaints about this service or any other aspect of library services please use our Ask Us/Tell Us form to contact us.

Personal belongings left unattended at library desks are the responsibility of their owner at all times and the library takes no responsibility for this material.


Code of Conduct

The Library Code of Conduct exists to protect the rights and interests of all users and to enable the Library to carry out its main functions of supporting study, teaching and research as effectively as possible

The Library seeks to provide a safe, secure and comfortable study environment for all its users. All Library users are expected to acquaint themselves with and observe this code. It has been devised to complement, and is consistent with, the University Code of Conduct*.

Library users have a responsibility:

* Not to steal, remove, conceal or use without authority any item of Library property.
* Not to vandalise, damage, deface or otherwise abuse any item of Library property.
* To carry valid identification. UL registered students and staff should possess a valid University ID card, which is strictly non-transferable. Non-registered users may access the Library under certain conditions, further information available here. The latter should produce some form of identification. Security and Library staff reserve the right to request identification from users.
* To observe fire exits. Comply with any instructions or directions issued by Library or Security staff in relation to emergency evacuation procedures. It is deemed an offence by the University to fail to vacate an area or go to any area when properly and lawfully requested to do so in circumstances that endanger life or property.
* To maintain a quiet environment in the Library. Do not engage in any loud, disorderly or antisocial behaviour that is likely to disrupt or offend other Library users or staff. Library study rooms are available for quiet group work for academic purposes only. They are not intended for recreational or scheduled teaching purposes. Open study areas should observe strict silence.
* To silence mobile phones upon entering the Library and to only make and receive phone calls from the designated phone areas. Silent phone functions are permitted at desks.
* To refrain from smoking and vaping in the Library.
* To only consume inoffensive foods that are not hot, aromatic, messy or shared e.g. pizza and to dispose of waste appropriately afterwards. Not to leave personal property unattended in the Library building. The Library accepts no responsibility for any personal property stolen, mislaid or left in the building.
* To only consume beverages from containers with lids, or non-alcoholic bottled drinks
* To remove all belongings when vacating a reading place. If not, Security staff may remove them. A reading place will be considered vacant after a 30-minute absence. A seat booking system is in place during peak periods of each semester.
* To be courteous and respectful to Library and Security staff at all times in the performance of their duties. Comply with any reasonable instructions or directions issued by staff at all times. Show respect and consideration to other Library users.
* To notify immediately a member of Library or Security staff of any suspicious or unacceptable behaviour observed in the Library.
* To comply with Government legislation and any specific University regulations and/or guidelines governing health & safety and equality issues.

Any breach of this Code may be met with penalties, which may include withdrawal of services and/or fines. Other penalties may be imposed where appropriate, as determined by the Director of Library and Information Services. Violations of this Code, in some circumstances, can be referred to the University's Appraisal or Disciplinary Committees. All members of the campus community undertake, upon registration, to abide by the above Code of Conduct, and any other Codes issued by the University, as published in the *Student Handbook (Appendix 3).

Thank you for your co-operation.