Ray Friel

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LA4111/LA4122 : Contract Law
LA6101: International Business Transactions
LA6102: Credit and Security

Raymond J Friel is a graduate of UCC and the University of Exeter and was called to the Bar in 1986. After an appointment in University College Wales, he joined the School of Law at University of Limerick in 1989. Since then, he was Head of School for nine years, Interim Head of the Department of History for one year and University Advocate for four years. He has held visiting Professorships at Boston College Law School, Western University Law School in Canada, the University of New Hampshire Law School and the University of Kansas Law School. His areas of specialisation are contract and commercial law and he has authored leading treatises on contract, tax and business law. He has published extensively both nationally and internationally in prestigious law reviews, including the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Fordham Journal of International Law, Common Law World Review, Arbitration, North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation, Journal of Legal Education, Washburn Law Review and University of Kansas Law Review, to name a few.
Currently he is Director of the International Commercial and Economic Law Research Group and is an examiner for the Law Society of Ireland entrance examination. He has also been appointed to several Universities as an external examiner and has been invited as an expert referee for a number of journals.
Selected Publications

Friel RJ, Irish Stamp Duty Law (5th ed, Tottels 2009)
Friel RJ, Law of Contract (2nd ed Sweet and Maxwell 2000)
Friel RJ, Contract Law - Ireland, (Kluwer 1997).
Friel RJ, Irish Business Law (BPP Publications 1995)
Friel RJ, Irish Company Law (BPP Publications 1995)

Chapters in Books
Friel RJ, “Thirty Years of Contract Law Scholarship” in Mohr, T and Schweppe J Thirty Years of Legal Scholarship (Sweet and Maxwell: Round Hall Press 2011)
Friel RJ, ‘Ireland’ in J. Cartwright and M. Hesselink (eds.), Pre-Contractual Liability in European Private Law (Cambridge University Press 2008)
Friel RJ, ‘Economic Loss Caused by GMOs in Ireland’ in B. Koch (ed.), Economic Loss Caused by Genetically Modified Organisms: Liability and Redress for the Adventitious
Presence of GMOS in Non-GM Crops (Springer 2008)
Friel RJ, Competition Law of the EU in P Karaivanova Osnovnoto za ES, (Sofia University Press 1998).
Friel RJ, The Process of Negotiation of the Single European Act in Church and Keogh The Single European Act: A transnational study, ed. (Consortium Press 1991),

Refereed Journals
Friel RJ, “Protecting pre-paying buyers of unascertained goods – why ‘pay before you go’ may be bad for you” Common Law World Review Vol 36(1) p.50 (2007) (with Eaton, S.)
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