The Project

The aim of this project has been to:

  • examine to examine how outside influences helped to invent and reinvent women's perceptions of their gender and national identity in the time period, 1750-2006
  • interrogate the relationship between personal, national and global forces in the formation of women's identity
  • explore the interaction between social and cultural change

The project has been supported by a Thematic Research Grant from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences for 2007-10. It is an interdisciplinary collaborative project between University College Dublin, the University of Limerick and the Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The principal results of the research are new datasets generated through the project, including a) subscriber lists to selected eighteenth-century Irish publications; b) excerpts from the oral history interviews on the theme of American influences on Irish women; c) a digital archive of the exhibition history of films and reviews in Irish publications of work by women writers and filmmakers from outside Ireland; d) lists of books acquired by one library which is indicative of the type of reading selected both for readers by library committees and favoured by readers in 1930s Ireland with nationality and gender of authors identified where possible; e) a list of 'Women Playwrights at the Gate Theatre, Dublin'; f) a listing of poetry by women from outside Ireland; and g) a list of films directed or written by women shown at the Irish Film Institute. Other publications produced by the project include articles, chapters, conference papers, an edited collection and an interdisciplinary, collaborative volume.

University of Limerick


Queens University Belfast