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Study Abroad FAQs

Please note

The following FAQs are relevant for international students who are interested in spending a semester at UL as part of the Study Abroad Programme.

If you are interested in coming to UL for a Full Degree programme, please see here.

If you a UL student interested in studying abroad, please see here.

Applying to UL

Students can apply through our online application portal.

GPA of 2.9 on a 4.0 scale is required for direct entry.

Applicants who do not meet this requirement should provide additional supporting documentation with their application. This includes:

  • Letter of Recommendation from a professor/advisor.
  • Personal Statement -  This can be between 300 and 500 words and should outline why you would like to study abroad in Ireland.

Before you begin the online application you will need to contact your study abroad adviser at your home University to get approval to study abroad. 

Once you have done that you need to: 

1. Take a selfie! You will need a digital photo.

2. Get an electronic copy of your official transcript.

3. Get a colour photo scan of your passport.

4. Preselect 8 to 10 classes. You will take 5 of these. Talk to your advisor and have a look at our information in Classes & Credits

For students applying from non English speaking countries, we accept the following English Language Qualifications:


B2 TOEFL 550 (paper-based) 210 (computer based) / 80 (internet based)


Minimum overall score of 6.0

If you are experiencing difficulty with your application, please see our step-by-step application userguide.

Please also check our error message userguide if you receive an error message.

If your problem persists, please contact and include a screenshot of where you are experiencing difticulty and we would be delighted to help.

Full Year / Autumn Semester 

31st May

Spring Semester

31st October

Arrival/ Orientation

Please note that the below dates are subject to change depending on your programme of study – please refer to the main UL Academic Calendar for further information by clicking here

Autumn Semester 2020/ Full Year

The Study Abroad programme begins with compulsory welcome week which will run from Monday August 31st 2020 until Friday September 4th 2020. Attendance at welcome week is mandatory. Classes begin on September 7th and exams end on December 18th 2020.

Spring Semester 2021

The study abroad programme begins with compulsory welcome week which will run from Monday January 18th 2021 until Friday January 22nd 2021. Attendance at welcome week is mandatory. Classes begin on January 5th and exams end on May 17th 2021.


A complimentary shuttle service from Shannon airport to the University of Limerick will run on Monday August 31st and Tuesday Septmeber 1st 2020. We will send information on how to avail of this service via email closer to your time of departure. 

If you are arriving outside of these dates, further information on travelling to UL can be found here or else you can contact and we would be delighted to help.

During your orientation programme, you will be taken on a campus tour.  Part of this tour incorporates a stop to get your photo taken for your ID card.  You are given your ID card at this point.

Visa and Immigration

Students from the EU do not need a visa to study in Ireland. Non EU students should apply for a study visa well in advance of departure. Guidelines on applying for an Irish study visa are available here. 

If you are a citizen of one of the countries listed here you do not need to apply for a visa - however, you will still need to register with immigration upon your arrival in Ireland.

The International Education Division will organise an appointment with the Immigration Officer, details of which will be given to you during Orientation Week.

The Immigration Bureau in Limerick is located at the Garda Station in Henry Street. There is a charge of €300 each time you register. You can only pay the registration charge of €300 by bank giro or debit/credit card.

You will need to bring the following items to the Immigration Office to register for your Irish Residence Permit (IRP):

  • A valid passport
  • A valid UL student ID card
  • Evidence of financial support (e.g. current bank statement indicating your name or a letter of guarantee from a parent or guardian indicating the availability of sufficient funds to cover you during your period of stay in Ireland or a letter from your sponsor confirming your financial status)
  • A letter from the University of Limerick indicating that you are a registered student and indicating the start date and duration of your programme
  • Evidence of fees paid or of funded research position
  • Evidence of medical insurance
  • Registration fee of €300 (payment by bank giro or credit card)

Any student on Study Abroad is not allowed to legally work in Ireland. 

Yes, this is an immigration requirement. Please see here for the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services guidelines for medical insurance. 

There are a number of private medical insurance companies in Ireland offering health cover. O’Driscoll O’Neill Insurance offer a reduced rate. This can be purchased through TransferMate


Accommodation on campus should be booked using this accommodation link. Your UL Student ID number will be needed to apply online. This is the Application Number on the top left hand corner of the offer letter above. Any queries you have relating to accommodation should be directed to

On-campus accommodation is in apartment style housing in one of the 6 campus villages or off campus rented accommodation close to the University.  All six residential villages at University of Limerick are self-catering. We provide all cooking facilities and inventory.  While kitchen/living areas are shared with a maximum of 7 others, all study bedrooms are private.  While some villages offer shared bathrooms (maximum 4 sharing) our apartment residences offer en-suite facilities for those who wish to have their own toilet/shower.  For further information on each of the student villages please go to our accommodation website.

Check in to campus residences is generally the Sunday before orientation week. Opening hours will be cnfirmed closer to the check in date.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to check in early.

Classes and credits

You have to prechoose 8-10 classes to begin with.  You can choose these from our Spring Module Booklet or Autumn Module Booklet

These module booklets contain all modules which are available for Study Abroad students to take during their semester at UL.

Please note, these module booklets are subject to annual change. Updated booklets will be published as soon as they become available. 


Should you require further information on a module you are interested in, you can search for the module in our Book of Modules.

Typically, the information provided in our Book of Moudles will suffice if you need to have the class pre-approved by your home university. However, should you require further information, please contact and we can contact the course leader on your behalf. 

Please note, this cannot be used for initial selection-  it contains information on all classes, not just the ones available to visiting students.A full list of modules available for Study Abroad students can be found in our Spring Module Booklet or Autumn Module Booklet

You have to prechoose 8-10 classes to begin with. You will be prompted to include a list of 10 prechosen modules in your online application. Classes can be chosen from our Spring Module Booklet or Autumn Module Booklet

During orientation week, you will be given a module registration form with your welcome pack, as well as a blank timetable. 

During the first two weeks of the semester, Study Abroad students can try out different modules from their list of 8-10 prechosen modules. 

Once you have chosen which classes you wish to take, please complete your module registration form, ensuring that their are no clashes between your chosen classes on the timetable (This is why students are required to prechoose 8-10 modules).

At the end of Week 2 of the semester, Study Abroad students return their completed module registration form 

Your completed module registration form must be handed into the International Office reception by Friday of Week 2. 

Please note, during orientation week, our office holds timetable information sessions along with some Q&A sessions.You call also stop by the International Office during our opening hours for one-to-one help with timetabling/ module registration. 

Since visiting Study Abroad students choose their own classes, you create your own timetable. You will be given a blank timetable along with your welcome pack during orientation week. 

Please note, during orientation week, our office holds timetable information sessions along with some Q&A sessions.You call also stop by the International Office during our opening hours, ir contact  for one-to-one help with timetabling/ module registration. 

You can choose completely different classes from the modules you preselected during your application. This will however mean that you do not have a schedule to begin with.

If you have already handed in your module registration form, you have until the end of Week 5 to change classes. Please contact if you wish to do so.

Living in Ireland

Visiting Study Abroad students are not legally permitted to work in Ireland.

An approximate guide for the cost of living in Ireland can be found here.

Ireland uses 3-pin plugs. Adapters can be purchased from each village reception.

Information on UL's wide range of Clubs and Societies can be found here.

Sign-up for UL's International Society will be held during Orientation week. Information about this will be forthcoming. 

Recruitment drives for other Clubs and Societies are held during the early weeks of each semester

Aramark caterers provide a meal plan on campus. This can be purchased on your online portal in the payments section or at any time during your stay from your village reception. For more information please see here. Aramark will contact all students who purchase the meal plan in Week 1 about how to redeem it.

Study Abroad Students can open a bank account while in Ireland. 

You can choose whichever bank you like, however most visiting Study Abroad students open an account with Bank of Ireland as there is a branch on campus. 

If you wish to open a bank account, you will need to request a bank letter from the International Education Division. You can do this by completing an online letter request form. Your letter can be collected from the International Education Division, Main Building, E0-020, after 16:00 the day after you submit the letter request form.

Some Study Abroad students wish to get an Irish simcard during their time at UL.

The International Education Division will be running complimentary shuttle bus services to the Parkway Shopping Centre during orientation week. Complimentary bus services will be also bring students to Limerick City Centre on the Saturday of orienation week. Here, you will be able to find phone shops. 

The main mobile networks in Ireland are 3, Vodafone and Eir