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Erasmus for UL Staff

UL has been an active participant in the European Union's Erasmus programme since 1988. The University was nominated as an Erasmus Success Story by the EU in 2009 and 2010. UL has over 300 EU University partners from 26 countries in Europe with which approximately 1000 students are exchanged every year. For further information see the Erasmus section for current UL students.

The Erasmus programme also provides opportunities for academic and administrative staff to travel to work or teach at partner institutions.

ERASMUS – Teacher/Staff Mobility

The Erasmus+ programme offers funded opportunities for teacher/lecturer mobility and staff mobility.

Teacher Mobility

Under the Erasmus Teacher Mobility scheme, academic staff may travel to a UL partner university to teach for eight hours per week. A teaching plan and signed grant agreement should be submitted to the Erasmus Coordinator before departure. On return, a signed certificate of participation should be submitted. (See the documents in the sidebar.) A travel and subsistence grant is paid to the participant. The rates for different EU countries are given in the documents in the sidebar. At the end of the mobility, the EU Commission requests a report from the participant.

Staff Mobility

With a view to fostering innovation and facilitating improvements in specific sectors, administrative and technical staff may travel to a UL partner university to attend training programmes, to shadow staff members working in the same area, to experience working practices and facilities or to attend a formal Erasmus Staff Training week. These are hosted throughout the year by partner Universities. Travel and subsistence grants are paid as above.

Further details on staff and teacher mobililty are available from the EU Commission website.

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