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Teaching, Learning and Scholarship, Specialist Diploma

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences:Teaching, Learning and Scholarship, Specialist Diploma

Teaching, Learning and Scholarship, Specialist Diploma
1 Year  Part- Time
Course Closed


Application Process open between 9 January 2017 and  16 January 2017

The overarching objective of the Specialist Diploma in Teaching Learning and Scholarship is to align with the professional activities of early career academics and doctoral candidates in order to provide an accredited programme for developing high level, evidence-based competence in teaching, learning, scholarship and innovation in higher education settings.  The aims of the programme are:

  • To enhance key skills including, communication, presenting research, interacting effectively with novice learners, confidence and competence in academic writing and publishing, establishing rapport among students, peers and supervisors, exercising effective pedagogical and supervision skills, receiving and acting on feedback both in research and teaching settings, enhancing and developing academic competence and engaging actively in own career development.
  • To provide a structured platform for the development and acceleration of complex academic skills at the early stages of an academic career.
  • The creation of a supportive, challenging, high trust network of colleagues to provide longer term peer support beyond the duration of the programme


On successful completion of this programme of study, students will be able to:

  • Apply the theory of learning, pedagogy, scholarship and innovation directly to teaching, research and scholarly practice in higher education settings.
  • Deliver high level teaching, communication, reflection, articulation and feedback skills to own research development and to the learning and development of students within a specific discipline
  • Be competent in a teaching/research role within a specific discipline in any higher education setting, and have the capacity to adjust competencies to different kinds of higher education audiences from the newest students to advanced research practitioners within a specific field.
  • Generate a continued commitment to professional development as a teacher and researcher in a higher education context. Identify areas where further learning and practice is needed. Generate an awareness of own learning preferences and those of students within particular setting.

For all queries, contact the course directors:
Dr Mary Fitzpatrick
Course Director, Specialist Diploma in Teaching Learning and Scholarship
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Millstream Courtyard
University of Limerick
Tel +353 61 234351
Fax+353 61 338044
Email: Mary.Fitzpatrick@ul.ie


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