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Structured PhD in Applied Languages

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences:Structured PhD in Applied Languages

Structured PhD in Applied Languages
4 Years  Full- Time


  • To enable students to locate their research in the wider context of applied language studies by providing a taught component in relevant areas
  • To enable students to develop skills with which to meet changing demands for applied languages research by providing a taught component including generic skills courses
  • To enable students to teach and develop their research to international standards by providing specialist disciplinary education for its graduates
  • To develop students’ skills as autonomous researchers, able to evaluate different research problems, select and apply appropriate research tools and methods to address these problems, and gather and evaluate appropriate evidence for the resolution of research questions
  • To facilitate student research that will contribute to the redefinition of existing knowledge in Applied Language Studies


Dr. Liam Murray
School of Modern Languages & Applied Linguistics.
Phone 202742

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