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Structured Masters by Research

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Structured Masters by Research
2 Year,  Part- Time,Full- Time


 The Structured Masters by Research programme is designed to develop students’ research skills through a high quality programme of supported and structured learning. This programme is tailored to allow students to undertake a programme of education and research alongside their workplace and other commitments. It offers flexible professional development opportunities for working professionals, graduates, and those interested in research-based practice and learning. The course is comprised of three core modules, research and specialist elective modules, and a research thesis. 

Core taught modules will introduce the student to the postgraduate academic community and support the student in conducting high quality, ethical research. Students typically take one core module per semester (three total), with each module requiring between three half days to four days contact time only, spread over the semester (See Programme Content tab). Module dates are provided well in advance of semester to facilitate students with other commitments. 

The students will also select a number of research and specialist modules from across the university which meet their learning needs and interests. Typically this will involve a research and a specialist interest elective module. A personal academic supervisor will guide the student in selecting the most appropriate modules. A variety of flexible module options are available, such as condensed study weeks or independent learning modules to accommodate busy students. Finally, an original research thesis must be completed as part of the programme. Students will be supported by their supervisor in completion of this thesis.

This programme also provides the student the opportunity to continue to the structured PhD programme should they so wish.  The modules taken as part of the Structured Masters by Research account for the majority of teaching credits required for completion of the sPhD programme.  Additionally, the skills learned in undertaking the Structured Masters by Research Programme equip the student for the requirements of the PhD path. 

The Structured Masters by Research is hosted by the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences which is comprised of four departments, Clinical Therapies, Nursing & Midwifery, Physical Education & Sport Sciences and Psychology and two schools, the Graduate Entry Medical School and the School of Education. The multi-disciplinary nature of the faculty offers the student inter-professional opportunities in addition to growth in one’s own field. If you are motivated by a desire for professional development and a wish to engage in a supportive and accessible research environment, this programme may be for you.


Course Director: Dr Katie Robinson
Phone: +353 61 213370

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