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Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology (MSc)

Education & Health Sciences:Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology (MSc)

Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology (MSc)
1 year  Full- Time


Application Deadline:   October 2019.   THE PROGRAMME COMMENCES IN JANUARY 2020.

This MSc. programme designed specifically for psychology graduates is dedicated to providing a thorough grounding in the knowledge and application of psychological principles to sport, exercise and performance settings in order to enhance wellbeing and performance. It seeks to equip candidates with a sound understanding of theory and research and develop core competencies and professional skills across a range of key domains including the following: motor cognition and skill acquisition; performance psychology; exercise and mental health; applied positive psychology; organisational behaviour and wellbeing; professional issues and ethics; and research design and methods. The core aims of the programme are to create an outstanding and distinctive learning experience through innovations in teaching (e.g. problem-based learning) instilling a scientist practitioner approach across both sport and exercise contexts and highlighting the role of ethical considerations in practice.

The MSc. aims to:

  • Provide  a learner-focused and connected curriculum to enable students to develop their capacity to think critically and acquire a broad set of attributes as identified by the UL as knowledgeable, proactive, innovative, responsible, articulate  and collaborative.
  • Extend the traditional remit of sport psychology by focusing on performance restoration, resilience and mental health, rather than exclusively targeting performance enhancement.
  • Enhance the understanding of mental health challenges in sport contexts using a positive psychology approach.
  • Develop a multidisciplinary mode of graduate enquiry coupled with an ethical scientist-practitioner basis.
  • Lead the provision of postgraduate training in this evolving field of Performance psychology by seeking accreditation from the Psychological Society of Ireland.
  • Include the appropriate skills to enable graduates to develop a case study submission as part of their application for professional membership of the Irish Institute of Sport.
(Please apply early-A first round of offers will be made on July 12th, 2019)


For further information contact:

Course Director: Dr Tadhg MacIntyre, PESS
Phone: +353 (0) 61 213430





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