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Software Engineering MSc

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Software Engineering MSc
1 Year  Full- Time


The MSc in Software Engineering includes the application of specialised knowledge and skills to develop different kinds of large, complex software systems. The programme also provides the opportunity to specialise in data analytics, extracting knowledge from large data sets. There is continuous demand for software engineers and data analysts both internationally and nationally. This award will provide an opportunity for students, to gain up-to-date  knowledge and skills in software engineering and/or data analytics, including machine learning. The course consists of both a taught component and a project.
*New Data Analytics stream (stream 2)
Programme Objectives:
  • To equip graduates with a detailed knowledge of the theories, processes, methods and techniques of building high-quality software in a cost-effective manner.
  • To equip graduates with the knowledge, techniques and tools needed to analyse large data sets in order to extract valuable knowledge from the data.
  • To meet industry’s needs for graduates who can evaluate and apply current research in Software Engineering/Data Analytics to practice.
  • To enhance graduates existing educational base and employment prospects.

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Course Director:  Dr. Michael English  
Tel : 353-61-202772    
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