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Sociology (Applied Social Research) MA

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Sociology (Applied Social Research) MA
1 Year Full-Time OR 2 Years Part-Time 


The course focus is on sociological research methods, and the intention is to produce graduates ready to embark on research careers in the private, public, voluntary or academic spheres. Modules on qualitative and quantitative methods form the core of the course, along with modules on substantive issues of contemporary relevance.  Theoretical framing and analysis of qualitative data, and statistical analysis of large-scale survey data sets is central to the course. Faculty have extensive research experience in a variety of areas, including the media, social exclusion, stratification and inequality, the restructuring of work, feminist methodologies, community development, education, marriage and divorce. A research dissertation is a key element of the course.

The aim of the programme is

  • To provide students with state-of-the art methodological skills
  • To provide students with an advanced level of knowledge and expertise in all stages of research design, implementation and analysis
  • To provide students with an advanced level of knowledge in a number of substantive areas of sociology including social exclusion and social change
  • To enable students to carry out high-quality social research, in work or in PhD programmes

Department of Sociology
Course Director Mary O'Donoghue
Tel: +353 61 202317
Fax: +353-61-202569

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