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Physiotherapy (Professional Qualification) MSc

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Physiotherapy (Professional Qualification) MSc
2 years  Full- Time


Application Deadline:     8th February 2019  Programme Specific FAQs

The Department of Clinical Therapies offers a two-year MSc (Professional Qualification) in Physiotherapy, Level 9 (NQAI). Applications for the MSc Physiotherapy commencing in August 2019 will open in October 2018 with a likely closing date of 8th February 2019.

All EU applicants for this programme must sit the GAMSAT exam to be eligible to be offered a place (see entry requirements page). Further information on the exam format and dates is available from
The GAMSAT test date is the 12th September 2018 and 23 March 2019. You must either register to sit the GAMSAT exam OR have a test score from the last two years before you apply for the programme as you will be required to supply your GAMSAT ID Number on your application to the University of Limerick.  Please check the GAMSAT website for further information and registration dates.

Canadian and North American applicants who met the honours degree requirement must apply through Atlantic Bridge submitting a cover letter and CV within the application on their website . Please see their website for closing date details.

All other non-EU applicants must apply directly to the University of Limerick by clicking “apply now” on the programme webpage.

Those in final year of a Level 8 Degree can apply before graduation and may be offered a conditional place (depending on GAMSAT scores) subject to providing evidence of 2h2 or higher in their undergraduate degree

In addition to academic modules at UL, students on the MSc Physiotherapy (Prof Qual) will complete 1000 hours of clinical placement. Clinical Placement modules will take place in Limerick, Portloaise, Kilkenny, Ballinasloe and Co galway in a range of settings (terriary and secondary hospitals, rehabilitation units, primary care, schools etc. and with patients of all ages

The programme aims to develop graduates who are able to:

  • Synthesise theoretical and conceptual knowledge of the cardiorespiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal systems to the practice of physiotherapy.
  • Be competent in the delivery of physiotherapy interventions for the effective rehabilitation and management of people with a range of conditions.
  • Competently prescribe, and monitor physiotherapy interventions responsibly, based on a clinically-reasoned approach following an appropriate assessment and diagnosis.
  • Apply specialist knowledge and understanding of movement and movement dysfunction to clinical practice.
  • Use an innovative and creative approach to meet evolving service developments and healthcare needs.
  • Perform effectively and professionally within a health care team.
  • Adopt and facilitate a collaborative, holistic , proactive and professional approach to healthcare practice.
  • Articulate and integrate the advanced critical thinking and reflective skills required to be autonomous lifelong learners.
  • Use an evidence-based approach in practice which integrates research findings into patient assessment and management.
  • Integrate the ethical, social and cultural dimensions of healthcare within clinical judgement.
  • Articulate ideas clearly, effectively, collaboratively and professionally to patients, carers, the multidisciplinary team and other relevant stakeholders.


The MSc Physiotherapy programme has been shortlisted for a prestigious national gradireland Higher Education Awards in the Best New Course category in 2018.  


Contact: Dr. Roisin Cahalan
Tel: 353-61-202959

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