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Occupational Therapy (Professional Qualification) MSc

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Occupational Therapy (Professional Qualification) MSc
2 Years  Full- Time
Course Closed


Application Deadline:  8th February 2019

The application system for this programme has changed please note new entry requirements.

        Programmes Specific FAQs

The MSc Occupational Therapy (Professional Qualification ) programme is recognised by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists and accredited by the Association of Occupational Therapists of Irelandand and this programme is approved by CORU.
The MSc in Occupational Therapy (Professional Qualification) offered at the University of Limerick is the first Graduate Entry Masters programme in Ireland. The course was developed in response to the Bacon Report recommendation that graduate entry options for this programme be explored. This innovative programme is an opportunity for honours graduates to pursue studies leading to a professional qualification in Occupational Therapy. The two-year, full-time course is a timely and appropriate route for graduates, as it recognises their educational and work experiences to date.

Programme Aims

The MSc in Occupational Therapy (Professional Qualification) aims to develop graduates who are able to:

  • Demonstrate how the relationship between person, occupation and environment is integral to health and well being
  • Design and implement innovate, responsive and evidence-based practice/services
  • Establish therapeutic relationships with diverse populations
  • Employ the principles of client centred practice
  • Engage in clinical reasoning to enable the OT process across a range of practice contexts
  • Collaborate with clients, colleagues and communities
  • Explain the theoretical underpinnings of OT practice to a range of audiences
  • Engage in continuing professional development
  • Critique and apply evidence to practice
  • Advocate for occupational justice within systems


Dr. Judy Pettigrew
Tel: 353-61-234753
Website: www.ul.ie/schoolalliedhealth
Email: schoolalliedhealth@ul.ie 


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