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Irish Music Studies MA

Irish World Academy:Irish Music Studies MA

Irish Music Studies MA
1 year  Full- Time


The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance has become a leading centre for the performance and study of Irish music. This programme offers a unique blend of research and applied methods, utilising an array of resources from across the Academy. The MA in Irish Music Studies caters for students who wish to study and research Irish musics from a number of socio-cultural, critical, historical, and practice-based perspectives.

The programme will:

  • Provide students with a professional qualification in music.
  • Furnish students with a sound and thorough grounding in the area of traditional music of Ireland and its diaspora, along with explorations into the musics of Ireland.
  • Equip students with a variety of research and teaching skills. 
  • Facilitate students to further develop practical music (and music-analytical) skills, where applicable.
  • Direct students to explore Irish music studies from a variety of theoretical and multi-modal orientations and perspectives, in dialogue with Irish Studies in particular, and with Music Studies more generally.
  • Encourage critical engagement with the traditional and performing arts in applied, public contexts



Dr. Aileen Dillane | Lecturer in Music
IW1-018 | Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
T. +353 (0)61 202590   E.



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