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History of Family MA

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History of Family MA
1 Year Full-Time OR 2 Years Part-Time 


The central purpose of the MA in the History of the Family is to combine the strengths of two traditions: that of the independent researcher into family history and that of established disciplines in history particularly the well developed sub discipline of the history of the family. The objective is a history that is fully contextualised, culturally significant and academically grounded.

  • To provide those interested in the history of the family with an opportunity to obtain formal training in the methodologies and concepts of the history of the family.
  • To contribute to and support each student's personal quest for intellectual and moral autonomy

Contact Details
Course Director: Dr Ciara Breathnach 
Email: ciara.breathnach@ul.ie
Tel: 353 061 213166
Web: http://www.ul.ie/ULH/

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