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Game Design & Development, MSc

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Game Design & Development, MSc
2 Years  Full- Time
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The M.Sc. in Game Design & Development aims to equip graduates with the skills, knowledge and abilities to:

  • Create compelling interactive works individually or with a team using standard industry methods and milestones
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and recurring fundamental concepts of game design and development.
  • Integrate knowledge of existing works, game design and development to produce innovative games.
  • Rapidly iterate upon a game concept and integrate player feedback.
  • Assess a game's design or new technologies to assist with decision-making and adaptation of features as they relate to a game's core.
  • Analyse the systems integration and dynamics and advise on iteration and implementation.
  • Evaluate a game's requirements, scope, opportunities and limitations to improve production, efficiency and the end product.

For Further Information Contact:

Course Director:  Dr Brenda Romero,    
Tel: 353 (0)61 202786

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