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English MA

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English MA
1 Year  Full- Time


  • To broaden and deepen the students' knowledge of literatures in English, literary and cultural theory, and textual practices;
  • To provide students with a knowledge of the cultural, political, and historical contexts of literary movements and genres;
  • To ensure that students can engage with current critical debates in the areas of, for example, modernism, post-colonialism, utopianism, gender and literature, and migration studies;
  • To enable students to develop their writing and editing skills in the production of a literary magazine;
  • To enhance students' analytical and critical thinking skills, to instruct them in the use of both traditional and technological research resources, and to provide them the opportunity of completing substantial original research;
  • To provide students with the opportunity and skills for independent research and self-directed learning;
  • To enhance students' career opportunities, including the provision of the knowledge and skills required to advance to doctoral degree studies.


Dr Tina O’Toole
School of English, Irish and Communication
Tel: 353-61-234269
Email:  tina.otoole@ul.ie
Web: http://ulsites.ul.ie/cc/

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