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Teaching Awards

Awards for teaching are based on a comprehensive review of a range of teaching and learning related activities. The teaching award system uses sources of evidence that can help to build a strong picture of those faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to their profession.

The award process includes the examination of independently gathered testimonies from students, the versatility, volume and level of teaching, range of delivery strategies, the quality of teaching and the teacher-class relationship. In addition such activities as, planning and preparation, the development of materials, assessment, research in the area of teaching and learning and overall professional development are considered.

The UL Teaching Excellence Awards have three strands: (i) individual award; (ii) team award; and (iii) pedagogic support award. UL teaching staff can also apply for the Regional Teaching Excellence Award.

UL Teaching Excellence (Individual) 2018/19- Colette Grey (KBS)
The team created a new approach to delivering a first year module that ran in just six weeks. The students were immersed in module activities spanning lectures, on-line quizzes, forums and labs, with a large component of group work. This led to a very close knit class cohort that helped each other and, in turn, to higher average grades and better pass rate than previous years.
UL Teaching Excellence (Team) Winners 2018/19 - Left to right back row: Ross Anderson, Aidan Murphy, Conor Ryan, Muhammad Sarmad Ali, Muhammad Sheraz Anjum, Dara Shayda, Muhammad Abubakar (absent) and Wayne Allen (absent). Front Row: Atif.
Dr. Darina Slattery won the UL Teaching Award for Excellence in the Provision of Pedagogic Support, for the activities and supports she has designed for blended and fully online teachers. Her DUO workshops equip teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to design and develop online modules and programmes. Darina’s TEL workshops showcase the features of VLE tools that can be used when teaching online.
UL Excellence in the provision of Pedagogic Support 2018/19 Darina Slattery (AHSS), presented by Dr Ross Anderson
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