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In collaboration with the Technology Enhanced Learning Unit, we are currently leading the involvement of UL with All Aboard 2017. This will build up on the work invested in 2016 in the Take 1 Step campaign to foster digital literacy based on the National Framework for Digital Skills.

This year, we are collaborating with the Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival, an initiative by the PAUL Partnership to promote and support access to lifelong educational, training, and learning opportunities. The 7th Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival which will run right across Limerick City and County from Saturday 1st to Friday 7th April, 2017, will feature an exciting line up of over 200 events, all of which are free and open to all. The festival’s theme is ‘Communities, Connecting and Learning’.

Learning is promoted as fun with events including performances, taster sessions, tours, displays, lectures, walks, demonstrations and workshops. They take place right across Limerick in a variety of venues indoors and out, including on water, and in libraries, museums, resource, family & community centres, parks, on the streets. An initial Showcase in a Limerick city location will open festival week on Saturday 1st April offering a wide range of interactive events, activities and workshops – providing a snapshot of what the whole festival week entails. The festival is supported by a strong PR/Media campaign. As well as promoting the festival through brochures, flyers distributed across Limerick, Website, Social Media, it is also supported by the Limerick Leader & Live 95FM as its media sponsors.

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