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Enhancing Digital Literacies for Language Teaching and Learning is a project funded by Ireland’s National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning. The project aim is to develop a national framework of digital literacies for language learning and teaching in an Irish higher education context.The cross-institutional project team comprises language lecturers from across a range of geographically diverse locations, representing six HE institutions (University of Limerick, National University of Ireland, Galway, Dublin City University, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology, and Limerick Institute of Technology). The languages emphasis for the project extends to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Irish and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Project outcomes

At present there is no on-line resource for language learners which does what the proposed portal aims to do. There are many useful resources, mostly with a specific content focus and which are generic in terms of the target audience. The project team is fully aware of these resources and in many cases have been involved in their development. It is our strong contention that impact will be achieved because the outputs of this project will be valuable, motivating, relevant and completely integrated into curricula. The project is unique and adds value in the following ways in an Irish HE context:

  • It is strongly contextualised within the Irish HE sector, yet draws on international best practice and research
  • It caters for a range of different languages including foreign languages, Irish, and English as an additional language. It also features a localisation element for the Irish language
  • It will be fully integrated into language curricula within the institutions, and involves a redefinition of formal programme learning outcomes for language degrees
  • The focus is on learning to learn different aspects of a language, with exemplars, rather than a language course. It curates a range of existing resources to make them easily accessible to third level language learners especially those new to the field
  • The portal is unique in its structure and configuration, and can be accessed in a number of different ways by students and teachers, for example, in a linear way by level/course, by language topic, by strategic requirement, by scenario identification, or entirely randomly
  • It has a holistic design configured around cognitive, metacognitive and practical concepts rather than by language, with task-based activities drawing on the languages being acquired. It will guide learners from autonomy to agency, and to becoming a member of language learning communities
  • It includes teacher development resources and tasks around the same concepts as those for students. It will support language teachers so that they can assist their learners in the three areas identified
  • It provides for the creation and maintenance of a national community of practice (in-service and pre-service language teachers). The project consortium, with six partner institutions, already accounts for a very large proportion of languages disciplines at national level, achieving significant impact. In addition, each partner commits to promoting implementation in affiliated or associated institutions (for example, St. Patricks, Drumcondra, Galway Mayo IT, IT Tallaght and Blanchardstown as part of TU4Dublin) and in other HEIs in their regional contexts, with the Munster partners working directly with Waterford and the south-east The team also commits to working with professional bodies and networks, (for example, the English Language Secondary Teachers’ Association, VEC Educational centres and networks, Irish language networks, Post-primary Languages Initiative, One Voice for Languages, Association du Français Appliqué, Irish Association for Applied Linguistics, Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle). Employer and employee networks will also be used for dissemination through institutional careers divisions, career guidance teachers’ network, and teacher associations and unions.

To find out more visit www.digilanguages.ie

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