Research Themes

Research Themes

Key research themes include

1. Health and well being across the lifespan.

  • We are interested in health and well being, phsycial and psychological health, in the young and the old.  Typically there are different challenges and risks for children, teenagers, young adults and older adults.  And many of the health issues we face are chonic and enduring and have different implications depending on life stage.  We are particularly interested in the way that families, friends and communities contribute and sustain the health of at risk groups.

2. Equality, Diversity and Social Exclusion.

  • In much of the work that we do we exlpore the ways that individuals and communities can be strengthened by processes that support social inclusion.  We have a keen interest in the way that communities and groups can be used to promote health and good community relations or social cohesion.  Our research orients to the way in which this can be achieved by though an emphasis on shared values, beliefs and identities as well as by emphasising and facilitating the development of equitable systems and processes are in place for all.

3. Building health and social capital.

  • We are keen to work with community organisations to develop health and well being for all.  We have different projects that relate to the needs of particular populations, such as those affected by acquired brain injury and children and families who live with a disability and those affected by unemployment.  We are always keen to work with new partners so please do get in touch.

4. Application of qualitative and quantitive research methods.

  • We are a large group, with a large array of skills.  We don't go in for 'methodolatry' rather we prefer to let the research guide our choice of methods.  We are happy to use an assortment of social science methods to answer our research questions- so sometimes we conduct lab experiments, on other occassions we will use surveys, interviews and fieldwork.