Centre Members

Centre Members

  • Mr. Daragh Bradshaw

  • Daragh Bradshaw is an IRC funded Doctoral student at the University of Limerick. His interests lie in conducting applied research with the potential to affect people’s lives positively. He has previously worked with community organisations in marginalised communities in London, Dublin, Limerick and New York.  Daragh has also published in the area of discrimination in disadvantaged communities.
  • Dr. Stephen Gallagher

  • I am particularly interested in looking at the way stress gets inside the body by investigation the interaction between psychosocial factors and our biological systems: cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems. My current research is funded by the Irish Research Council will test whether the stress of (un)employment is associated with the stress hormone cortisol (check out sashlab.com)..  I am also interested in stress management and intervention.

  • Dr. Sarah Jay

  • I developed a fascination for social injustice, inequality, social identities and intergroup relations during my degree in psychology and sociology here at the UL.  I am interested in how the political context of banal individualism obscures the injustice of social class, the privilege of some and disadvantage of others, and constructs inequality as natural. My studies show how in the school context a cross-section of adolescent’s identities and sense of agency are classed. 

  • Dr. Elaine L. Kinsella

  • Dr. Rachel Msetfi

  • I am a psychologist interested in understanding the psychological processes that help people to be mentally healthy, and how those processes are different when people have symptoms of disorders like depression. In particular, I study how people learn about the predictive and causal structure of their world and the kinds of variables which influence that. Take a look my research projects webpages for more information about specific projects and you can always contact me by email. I am always interested in hearing from students who are interested in volunteering to work in the Lab or conducting post-graduate research.

  • Prof. Orla Muldoon

  • I am a great believer in both the theoreitcal approaches and the methods we have at our disposal as social scientists and psychologists.  I am interested in applying social science research methods and psychologcial thinking to help udnerstand contemporary social issues.  Often problems appear intractable because of the way we look at them, often we fail to address the power dynamics or cultural components that serve to maintain social problems.  Social science research methods are really useful tools to uncover what is implicit and assumed in our engagement with social issues.

  • Dr. Aisling O'Donnell

  • Dr. Stephen Walsh

  • I am interested in the application of social psychology to the study of human health and well-being, particularly in the context of acquired brain injury.  I recently completed my PhD ‘A Social Identity Approach to Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)’ which aplied a social identity analysis to the study of acquired brain injury (ABI).  The outputs from the research comprise one theoretical (Walsh, Fortune, Gallagher & Muldoon, 2014) and three empirical papers (Walsh, Muldoon, Gallagher & Fortune 2015; Walsh, Gallagher, Fortune & Muldoon, under review; Walsh, Muldoon, Fortune & Gallagher under review).