Cooperative Education Evaluation Report


Cooperative Education Evaluation Report

Cooperative Education Report (Revised Guidelines in response to Covid-19)

All students must submit a report on their placement as part of the formal evaluation of the placement. Your Coop Report should give a sound insight into your Coop placement, and should show the link between your studies and your placement.  Your report is assessed by an academic member of staff and graded on a pass/fail basis. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many of you have experienced significant disruption and uncertainty during your Coop placements.  For some of you, your placement may have finished early. For those of you who have remained in the workplace, you may have had to transition to a remote working model, for example. The challenges, though difficult, also represent valuable learning opportunities.  As students directly experiencing the realities of the world of work, you have shown great resilience and agility in adapting to these unprecedented challenges. We encourage you to reflect on this experience in your Cooperative Education Report and very much look forward to hearing your account.

Click here to download detailed Guidelines for Completing the Cooperative Education Evaluation Report.