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2020 KBS Spring Series of Research Seminars Tuesday 10th March in KB1-16 'The role of digital technologies in bringing about 'responsible' market actors', Dr Annmarie Ryan, KBS

The 2020 Spring Series of Research Seminars at the Kemmy Business School continues next week with a presentation by one of our colleagues Dr Annmarie Ryan. The seminar takes place 1-2pm Tuesday 10th March - in KB1-16. The title and abstract of the seminar are below:
The role of digital technologies in bringing about 'responsible' market actors
In this seminar I consider the role of digital technologies in bringing about responsible market actors. Digital technologies are heralded as either saviours of humankind enabling users, consumers and citizens to understand their behaviour and make responsible changes. On the other hand digital technologies are vilified for the social ‘bads’  produced through the tracking and monitoring of consumers for commercial gain. In this seminar I will set out an approach that differs from each of these to consider instead how digital technologies are not static backdrops to action, but partake in action; specifically, those actions directed at bringing about responsible market actors (Fuentes, 2019). I will consider the relational aspect of user-data interactions to comment on how responsible market actions are brought about and framed through the digital relationship. Drawing on a case study from the collaborative economy I will demonstrate how digitally enabled collaborative consumers become hybrid collectives whose capacity to act depend(s) on how it is constituted (Hagberg 2016; Ryan and Avram, 2019). I will further reflect on how digital technologies not only are designed to enable responsible market behaviour, but also work to shape and redefine the meaning of ‘responsible’ ‘ethical’,  or ‘sustainable’ market action (Sörum and Fuentes 2016).
The KBS Spring Series of Research Seminars runs on Tuesdays at lunchtime this semester, and highlights emerging work by faculty and PhD students at the KBS. Tea/coffee and sandwiches will be provided and all are warmly welcome.