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The ISEQ Women on Boards Report - Time for Change

The ISEQ Women on Boards Report - Time for Change 
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This report by researchers at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick shows an increase from 4% to 13% in the number of women on boards in ISEQ listed companies in the last decade. While this rise is to be welcomed, this is in stark contrast to the significant progress which has been achieved in relation to State boards, where half of State boards are now meeting the target of 40 percent female participation. An area of concern highlighted by the report is that 41% of companies have no female board member.

It is clear that real change is needed to address the lack of gender balance on ISEQ boards. Without focused action and targets being set in a systematic manner now, progress on gender balance seems an unlikely proposition for ISEQ boards in the medium term. Dr Christine Cross, lead author of the report, contends that the use of quotas for publicly quoted companies in other European countries, while controversial, has led to an increase in female board membership and is a model which should now be followed by Ireland.
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