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Research Seminar - Ensuring rigorous and effective regional spatial and economic strategies in Ireland - Dr Juan Martinez-Covarrubias - 16th March 2018

Date: Friday 16th March,
Time: 14h00-15h00
Venue: Kemmy Business School, KB1-11


Department of Economics Seminar
Dr Juan Martinez-Covarrubias
Economist, Regional Assemblies, Republic of Ireland
Ensuring rigorous and effective regional spatial and economic strategies in Ireland 


Short Biography:
Dr Juan Luis Martinez-Covarrubias is the economist for the three regional assemblies in Ireland. He is involved in the formulation and monitoring of Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies within the Irish National Planning Framework. He is Research Fellow at the University of Derby, UK.  He holds a PhD in Industrial Economics and Policy Evaluation from the University of Limerick, Ireland, an MSc. in Economic Competitiveness and International Business from the University of Birmingham, UK, a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Social Evaluation and a BSc in Economics from Mexico. He has published a number of articles in leading international journals, such as Regional Studies. His research interests tend to address economics of innovation, technological change, global value chains, industrial economics, policy evaluation and sustainability studies. He has presented numerous international conferences and keynote speeches. He was lecturer at UL and senior lecturer at the University of Derby in the UK. Prior to his academic career, he held senior roles in the national civil service in Mexico at the National Audit Office, Office of the President of Mexico, and the regional development ministry at the State of Guanajuato, Mexico achieving important institutional changes such as improvement of national audit system and implementation of project social evaluation as a framework to support decision making and budget prioritisation.

The Ireland has gone through a phenomenal transformation over the past 30 years. The country quickly caught up with the richest nations coming from being one of the poorest nations in Europe. It received global attention and the Celtic tiger brand was born. Currently, the country is one of the most competitive countries attracting vast amounts of FDI and at the same time it had progressed as one of the most relatively equal societies. However, to its demise, emerging challenges have dampened its competitiveness and prospects to fulfil its long-term full potential. Endemic under-investment, and an uneven spatial distribution of population and economic activity put pressure on the country’s sustainability and competitiveness. This seminar focuses on presenting an overview of the current national and regional policies that address these issues. Strong and robust econometric research inform these policies. Insights on the policy-making practice coming from a practitioner-economist perspective are offered. These lessons have the potential to inform practices in other contexts given that agents in the policy process share similar features almost everywhere.