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Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

Research area

Efficiency and productivity analysis group publishes and disseminates applied research addressing the measurement, analysis, and determinants of efficiency and productivity in many areas of economics including both private and public sectors such as manufacturing, health, cultural sector and agriculture. The research applies theory and techniques to the measurement of efficiency and productivity. It also sets forth implications for managerial strategies and public policy to enhance efficiency and productivity.


  • Dr. Marta Zieba
  • Declan Dineen
  • Dr. William Addessi
  • Dr. Rita Buckley
  • Shiovan Ni Luasa (PhD Scholar

Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

NiLuasa, S., Dineen, D., Zieba, M. (2016). Technical and scale efficiency in public and private Irish nursing homes – a bootstrap DEA approach, Health Care Management Science, online first.
Addessi, W. (2014). The Productivity Effect of Permanent and Temporary Labor Contracts in the Italian Manufacturing Sector, Economic Modelling, 36, 666-672.
Zieba, M., Newman, C. (2013). Organisational Structure and Managerial Efficiency: A quasi-experimental analysis of German public theatres, Homo Oeconomicus, Volume 29 (4), pp. 497-534.
Zieba, M. (2011). An Analysis of Technical Efficiency and Efficiency Factors for Austrian and Swiss Non-Profit Theatres, Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, Volume 147 (2), pp. 233-274.

Chapters in books

Buckley, R. (2010). MNE subsidiaries, productivity spillovers and SMEs. In Lenihan H., Andreosso-O’Callaghan, B., Hart M. (Eds.), SMEs in a globalised world. Survival and Growth Strategies on Europe's Geographical Periphery, 135-161, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Recent Conference Publications

Zieba, M., Dineen, D., Ni Luasa, S. (July 2016). Technical Efficiency in the Nursing Home Sector in Ireland – A Stochastic Frontier Input Distance Function Approach. European Health Economics Association Conference, University of Hamburg.
Castiglione, C., Infante, D., Zieba, M. (June 2016). Technical efficiency in the Italian performing arts companies. A panel data approach over        the period 2005-2012. The 19th International Conference on Cultural Economics, University of Valladolid (Spain).
Dineen, D., Ni Luasa, S., Zieba, M. (March 2016), Determinants of Efficiency in Nursing Home Care Provision in Ireland – a double bootstrap DEA. The 2nd ATHEA-Conference for Health Economics, Vienna’s Economics Institute.
Ni Luasa, S., Dineen, D., Zieba, M.  (June 2015). An Evaluation of Technical Efficiency of the Nursing Home Sector in Ireland. The 14th European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Helsinki, Finland.
International or other external links

  • Dr. Concetta Castiglione, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Prof. Davide Infante, Department of Economics and Statistics and Finance, University of Calabria, Italy.
  • Dr. Ana Rodriguez-Alvarez, Departamento de Economia. Oviedo University, Spain.
  • Prof. Luis César Herrero-Prieto, University of Valladolid, Spain.
  • Lael Buckham, Teagasc, Agriculture and Food Development Policy.