PhD Graduates

            1997-to 2001:  Title: Ireland’s Image as a Tourism Destination in France
            Student:  Sinead O’ Leary.  Graduated 2001.
            Sponsor:  UL Scholarship
            Supervisors:  Jim Deegan/Professor Geraldine Sheridan
            External:  Professor Micheal Cronin

            2000 to 2004:  Title: Destination Quality Management: A Theoretical Framework and Lessons of Best
Student:  Megan Woods.  Graduated 2004.
Sponsor:  Government of Ireland Scholar and NCTPS
Supervisor:  Professor Jim Deegan
External:  Professor Tom Baum


            2003-2006:  Title: The Consumer Behaviour of the Mature Irish Tourist: A Segmentation Model.
            Student:  Aisling Ward
            Sponsor:  UL Scholarship/NCTPS
            Supervisor:  Professor Jim Deegan
            External:  Professor Anthony Seaton


           2004 to 2008:  Title: Information and Communication Technology Adoption Amongst Micro, Small
           and Medium –Sized Tourism Enterprises in Ireland.
           Student:  Sean Duffy
           Sponsor:  UL Scholarship
           Supervisor:  Professor Jim Deegan
           External:  Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

          2006-2009:  Title: Economic Impact Analysis of the Conference Market: An Input-Output Approach.
          Student:  Paul Hanly
          Sponsor:  Business Tourism Forum (Failte Ireland)
          Supervisors:  Professor Jim Deegan & Professor Stephen Wanhill
          External:  Professor John Fletcher

          2007-2011:  TITLE: An Application of Diaries to Tourism Expenditure Measurement
          Student:  Neviana Petrus
          Sponsor:  UL Scholarship
          Supervisor:  Professor Jim Deegan
          External:  Dr Sarath Divisekera
          2008 to 2012: Title: An examination of the Consumer Behaviour of the North American Coach Tourist
          to Ireland.
          Student:  Marie Ryan
          Supervisor:  Professor Jim Deegan
          Full dissertation submitted and viva voce in April 2014.

          2008 to 2012:  Title: An Examination of the Level of Innovation of Tourism Firms in the Shannon
          Student:  Mary O’Brien
          Supervisor:  Professor Jim Deegan
          Submission due May 2014.