Euro-Asia Centre Current Projects

Current projects at the Euro-Asia Centre cover the following areas:

  • International Technology Transfer and the Dynamic Impact of the 5th EU Enlargement on ASEAN
  • Determinants of Life Insurance Consumption in India 
  • The EU Asia Strategy - The cases of ASEAN and South Korea 
  • Technology Transfer to China - A Critical Assessment 
  • Political risk and Japanese Investment in China 
  • Keiretsu - Its relevance to and impact on contemporary EU 
  • Economic relations between the EU and South Korea (intra industry and intra-firm trade) 
  • EU-India economic and political relations 
  • European Equity Markets and Money Markets Interlinkages 
  • Family Networks' Impact on SME Development in Albania 
  • Re-estimating Japan's Economic Growth during the "Lost Decade" 
  • Increasing Global Interdependency and vulnerability - Examining the EU-US- China triangle 
  • International Information Flows and Economic Growth in Japan since the 1880s 
  • Socio-economic development in the Bandung countries since 1960 
  • Energy co-operation in East Asia - Lessons from the EU

The Centre is also participating in a joint Asia-Link project with other European and Asian Universities, entitled "Internationally Co-ordinated Curriculum Development for Modules in Intercultural Communication." For more information, see the ICCD Project Website.