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Shona Linehan

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John McCarthy (Patrick Reinmoeller – Cranfield University)
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Exploring the internationalisation strategy process of multinational companies

Internationalisation strategy is critical for modern organisations resulting in a parallel importance for academics, with many knowledge gaps present, the implementation of internationalisation strategy requires in-depth further research.
The Uppsala Model is one of the most widely cited internationalisation models but continues to endure many critiques by established academics. The Uppsala Model was first conceptualised by Johanson and Vahlne in 1977 and is based on the incremental cyclical process of an organisation internationalising; organisations enter a new market close to their own in terms of psychic distance, this provides them with the experiential knowledge they need to reduce their perception of the psychic distance of the next market which on entering provides them with additional experiential knowledge and the cycle continues.
Of the critiques of the Uppsala Model there are three substantial issues that to date have been under addressed but will be worked on intensively through this research.
The first oversight of the Uppsala model is the concept that a different process may take place at different phases of internationalisation, i.e. do internationalising organisations follow the same cyclical routine indefinitely? This research project will gather longitudinal data in order to effectively analyse the entire process over an extended period of time.  The second issue with the Uppsala Model is the idea that an organisation may have different departments or units that internationalise at different rates. This project will add to the research by working with many stakeholders within one organisation and gathering rich data so a clear view will be presented based on whether internationalisation can take place by one department alone for example. Finally, the idea that an organisation could internationalise as a result of collaboration between organisations rather than solely on internal factors such experiential knowledge was initially overlooked by the Uppsala Model.  Johanson and Vahlne have since made attempts to address this gap, (2009, 2013) but note the need for further development. By integrating Networking Theory with the Uppsala Model to determine the impact external relationships have on an organisation’s internationalisation this research will add to current knowledge significantly.

Longitudinal Process Research, Internationalisation (Uppsala) Models,
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