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Dr Michele O’Dwyer
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‘An exploratory study of the relationship between market segmentation, organisational structure and organisation performance.’

Even though literature to date fails to provide insight into the segmentation, organisation performance and organisational structure dynamic, this study will attempt to explore how organisational structure moderates the relationship between segmentation and organisation performance. Walker and Ruekert (1987) hypothesize that firms that follow different generic business strategies adopt different structural designs. The Vorhies and Morgan (2003) study examined the relationship among marketing organisation structure, business strategy and performance. Conclusions from both studies demonstrate that different marketing organisation characteristics are more or less appropriate for different business strategies. Firm performance is determined, at least in part, by how effectively and efficiently the firm’s business strategy is implemented (Lerer 2002). Possibly the lack of research in this area is, partly, a reflection on the lack of viable frameworks and theories to understand how organisations structures develop and operate (mechanistic, organic) may actually view their marketplace (product, service, geographic, customer).
This exploratory study will address these gaps in existing literature by exploring the relationship between market segmentation, organisational structure and organisation performance in a large multinational medical device manufacturer, at both the organisational and individual business unit levels. In exploring the inter-relationships between organisational structure, segmentation and business performance this research addresses a deficiency in the literature and provides an agenda for future research. It will advance segmentation and organisational performance research by exploring organisational structures’ potential as a multi-level lens, through which, to better understand the segmentation phenomena.
Additionally as segmentation models do not handle market dynamics, it is of value to look at the way strategic management handles dynamics and see how the theory can be adapted to suit segmentation, which is a goal of this study.
The following research objectives are proposed to satisfy the research aim of understanding the relationships between market segmentation, organisation structure and organisation performance. 
Research Objective 1: To explore the relationship between market segmentation typologies (observable: general and product-focused; unobservable: general and product-focused) and organisation performance at organisation and business unit levels.
Research Objective 2: To explore the effect that organisation structure type  (product, service, geographic, customer focused) has on the relationship between segmentation typologies and organisation performance.

market segmentation, organisational structure, performance
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Cook Medical (my employer) is co-funding my education
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