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Michelle Dunne

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Lisa O’Malley & Maurice Patterson
Working Title of Thesis: 
Consumer Experiences of Eating a Raw Food Diet

My PhD research documents the experiences of consumers eating a raw food diet and seeks to contribute to the body of consumer culture theory (CCT), specifically identity projects and marketplace cultures in relation to food consumption. An interpretive reflexive methodology has been adopted, collecting narrative-style interviews and an auto-ethnography and introspection of the researcher’s own consumption experience.

Publications/presentations to date: 

• AM (Academy of Marketing) Conference, Southampton, UK July 2012 Doctoral Colloquium Presentation: Consumer Experiences of Eating a Raw Food Diet
• CMC (Consumption, Markets & Culture) Research Seminar, Bilkent University, Ankara Turkey, May 2013 PhD Presentation: Being Raw: Embodied experiences of eating a Raw Food Diet
• EACR (European Association of Consumer Research) Conference, Barcelona, Spain July 2013 Presentation Session 2.5 Alternative and Vulnerable Consumers: Consumer Experience of Eating a Raw Food Diet [Being Raw; My Embodied Experience of a Raw Food Retreat]

Details of any scholarships/funding received (NOT USED): 
• Awarded a full UL KBS PhD Research Scholarship (2011-2015)
Consumer culture theory, diet/food consumption, lived experience, narrative methodology, identity projects
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