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Sami Alghamdi

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Prof. Michael Morley
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An Ethnographic study of Western Expatriate Families in a Saudi Arabian Compound

It has been noticed that when an expatriate is moving to a new country for accomplishing the goals of the company; he has to face different challenges and problems regarding adjustments in host country. These differences are mainly in terms of language, culture, traditions, customs, rules, norms and adjustment values of the host country which can impact the success and performance of the expatriate in the host country. In Saudi Arabia, secure expatiate compounds  have built. They serve to give occupant expatiate  and going hand in hand with families and their children  with an agreeable and safe environment. The compounds of western expatriate  in Saudi Arabia were set up with a specific end goal to empower individuals with significantly contrasting social foundations to live one next to the other.
Broad writing audit uncovered scarcity of studies on the life in organization expatriate  in Saudi Arabia. This absence of surviving research on this essential wonder could be because of the uniqueness of Saudi Arabia and their objective to particular Saudi society from western society Tragically, very little is thought about compound life since related observational examination is rare. The main focus of my research thesis is to essentially examine western expatriate families’ experience while living in Saudi Arabian compound. The study will involve the understanding of ways in which expatriates and their family members practiced while in Saudi Arabia. The following theoretical concepts will be also be addressed and majored by new scale for example ,cultural intelligence, general adjustment and entrenching in the job .
mixed method investigation will be used for example, surveys ,interviews and observation (Data triangulation ), which utilizes diverse wellsprings of data to produce a mind boggling scope of points of view, which approach information with distinctive ideas and hypotheses to perceive  how each helps to understand the data.

Western Expatriate , experience , Saudi Arabia, compound
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Awarded a Scholarship through the ministry of higher education in Saudi Arabia
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