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Hussain Alhejji

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Professor. Thomas Garavan & Dr. Ronan Carbery
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Diversity Training Programmes in Organisations: Evaluating and Assessing Diversity Training Context, Design and Outcomes from Institutional and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Diversity training is a significant topic in human resource development literature and one that merits theoretical and practical attention. In the past 20 years, a considerable body of research has accumulated. However, diversity training research is in its infancy as a body research compared to training and development research. There is a limited knowledge of the organisational context of diversity training programmes, the design features of these training interventions and how they are evaluated. This thesis aim to achieve four primary objectives: (1) to review the literature in order to assess the status of the diversity training context, design features and outcomes, (2) to propose a conceptual framework that captures various levels of context and design issues that organisations should consider when designing and implementing diversity training programmes, (3) to explore the cultural boundaries of diversity training context, design and outcomes in order to consider the influence of culture on these practices, and (4) to draw on a qualitative case study to explore the institutional forces as well as the cultural norms that influence MNC to implement diversity management practices in Saudi Arabia, and how these institutional forces influence the context, the design features and the outcomes of diversity management practices. In doing so, 16 in-depth interviews have been conducted with key people form MNC and institutional actors who shape policies on diversity management in Saudi Arabia. This thesis will exposes potential areas for future research across HRM/HRD disciplines and across organisational setting.

Publications/presentations to date: 

Alhejji, H. Garavan, T. 2014. Institutional Theory and Diversity Management Practices: The Case of MNC Subsidiary in Saudi Arabia, 6th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference, 8‐10 June 2014, Munich, Germany. Technische University Munich.

Alhejji, H. Garavan, T. 2014. Diversity Management Practices – A Single Case of a UK Owned MNC in Saudi Arabia, 15th International Conferences on Human Resources Development Research and Practice across Europe, 4‐6 June, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University

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Alhejji, H. Garavan, T. 2012. The influence of cross cultural differences on the design of diversity training practices The 6th Saudi Scientific International Conference (SIC), London, UK 11‐13 October, 2012, Brunel University.

Alhejji, H. Garavan, T. 2012. The influence of cross‐cultural differences on the design of diversity training programs. 5th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference, 2012, Toulouse, France 23‐25 July, 2012, Toulouse Business School

Alhejji, H. Garavan, T. 2012. Studying diversity training: insights form institutional and national business system perspectives. The 11th World Congress of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management, Limerick, Ireland, June 26th‐29th, 2012, Kemmy Business School

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King Abdullah Foreign Scholarship Program, 2011-2015
Diversity Training, design, outcomes, Institutional Theory, Cross-Cultural Perspectives
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