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BR4041 Social Media for Social Good story fair: Winners of #BR4041 best social media strategy displays announced

The winners of the best social media strategy displays, at the recently held #BR4041 'Social Media for Social Good' story fair, have been announced as follows:

  • Tiffany Fanning
  • Karl Mulligan
  • Ryan Sheehan
  • Sarah Long
  • Jordan Corkery

The winning team designed a social media strategy for Compassionate Cities in the University of Limerick, which is an organisation that is focusing to break down the stigma of death within the campus. The organisation hopes to provide support for both students and members of faculty at the University of Limerick.

Dr John Lannon, BR4041 module leader, KBS, UL pictured with the winning team

The Broadening the Curriculum module ‘Social Media for Social Good’ gives undergraduate students from diverse disciplines the opportunity to work together in groups on questions of social responsibility and ethical practice using social media techniques. Students undertaking this module develop social media strategies for organisations, such as the Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol, Mid-West Spina Bifida, the Blue Box Creative Learning Centre, the new Student Volunteer initiative, and Clare’s Wish Foundation, which are then presented at the recent 'Social Media for Social Good' story fair. Visitors to the Story Fair are asked to vote on the most innovative and useful work on show using their phones or tablets.

Congratulations to all winners and participants.