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Due to the large number of vehicles on campus at any one time, it has been necessary to introduce vehicle clamping to control and manage parking for the benefit of the campus community and visitors to the university.

Violations of the car parking policy may result in a vehicle being clamped. In the event that a vehicle is in violation of the parking policy, a warning notice will be applied to the vehicle, advising the owner that failure to move the vehicle to an appropriate parking space within ten minutes of the notice being applied will result in the vehicle being clamped.

No warning notice will be given to vehicles parked in a disabled driver's space that do not display an EU-recognised disabled driver's permit. Such vehicles will be clamped immediately on detection. 

Unauthorised removal of a clamp and/or damage to a clamp will be deemed to be a breach of the University's Parking Policy and will result in the revocation of a permit (if one is issued), the non-renewal of a permit at renewal date and/or proceedings being instituted against the vehicle owner, at the discretion of the university.

Release and Appeals Proceedure 

Once a clamp has been deployed and locked into position, a release fee must be paid before the clamp will be removed. A vehicle that has been towed away and clamped is liable to a higher release fee.

Release fees may be paid at the Campus Security Centre located at the Reserved Visitor Car Park or, when unattended, at Main Reception.

Should a vehicle owner wish to appeal the clamping of their vehicle, they may do so by e-mailing submitting the following information: 

a)       Vehicle Registration Number

b)       Date of Clamping offence

c)       Clamping Fee Release Receipt Number

d)      Detail their reasons, why their vehicle should not have been clamped. 

Appeals will be investigated by the Appeal's Committee and where it is found that the vehicle had not breeched the University of Limerick's parking policy, they may recommend refund of the Clamping fee.

Appeals Committee's decision will be final and further correspondence on the matter will not be entered into with the Appealer.

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