Waste Management

The UL Green Campus Committee together with Buildings and Estates are pleased to inform you that we are approaching the final stages of rolling out waste segregation to all public buildings across campus. To avoid generating waste, existing bins have been upcycled to coordinate a waste segregation system. To see more info on this system click here. To see a summarised diagram of our waste process click here,


The Buildings and Estates Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of waste generated on campus. The University's waste management strategy aims to reduce as far as possible the amount of waste going to landfill. The Waste Policy sets out to achieve best industry practice in waste management whereby the reduction of waste generated on campus and its segreagation at source into recyclable waste streams aims to ensure targets set by the Regional Waste Management Plan are met and exceeded. Onsite waste management where collection and sorting of recyclable materials has reduced landfill-destined waste by close to 65%. The use of only four waste compactors serving a population of 12000 is a testament to the success of this strategy.

For details on the various recycling streams in operation please click here.

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