Waste Paper/Cardboard 
Paper can be recycled via the recycling scheme currently in operation throughout the University. Blue bins for paper recycling are provided in each office. Waste paper/cardboard is collected according to the schedule available here (pdf format).

Paper recycling in the Main Building is carried out as follows: 
Block A & B - Weekly every Wednesday starting at 10.30am onwards
Block C, D & E - Weekly every Tuesday starting at 10.30am onwards 

Recycling facilities are available at various locations throughout the campus. See the map here


Other recyclables are sorted for collection by external processors




Main Building , Block E, EG - 008, Murphy Tower (Tower 12)
Main Building. Block B, Adjacent to McLaughlin Tower (Tower 5) 


Main Building , Block E, EG - 008, Murphy Tower (Tower 12) 
Main Building, Block B, Adjacent to McLaughlin Tower (Tower 5)


Main Building , Block E, EG - 008, Murphy Tower (Tower 12)


Main Building , Block E, EG - 008, Murphy Tower (Tower 12)


Electrical Items

The disposal of WEEE is licensed in accordance with the Waste Management (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations of 2005 and the subsequent Amendment 2008. Requests to dispose of WEEE should be directed in the first instance to   Generally, most WEEE would be removed by the Buildings Office team to a holding area whereupon it is collected once a month by our Waste Management service provider and disposed of in accordance with the aforementioned legislation. However, depending on the size/weight of an individual item or the volume of multiple items of WEEE concerned arrangements may differ.  In the event that the Building and Estates Department anticipate difficulties or unnecessary expenditure removing WEEE to the holding area, a separate once off collection from source maybe arranged with a waste management contractor and as a result the unit disposing of the equipment may incur the cost of this work. Please do not leave WEEE on corridors, other communal spaces or the campus grounds.

University staff disposing of equipment should be aware of the University's Assets Disposal Policy. Full details are available on the UL Finance Department webpages here:

Toners and Ink Cartridges

Departments can contact for details on an external contractor who will collect toners and ink cartridges free of charge.


The external bins for the disposal of batteries is located at Main Building. Block B, Adjacent to McLaughlin Tower (Tower 5).


There is a container available for the disposal of waste timber/metal for recycling located at the Maintenance Compound area, please contact the Buildings Office for more details.

Organic Waste

All catering outlets are provided with brown bins for the recycling of organic waste. These are collected weekly by the University Waste Contractor.


Should you wish to dispose of items of furniture (desks, chairs, pedestal units, filing cabinets) from your office area please contact the Buildings Office to make arrangements for removal. Please do not leave items out on corridors.

Laboratory Equipment

Departments wishing to dispose of pieces of lab equipment must make arrangements directly with relevant contractors for this. The Building and Estates Department does not have space available for the storage of items.

Confidential Paper Shredding

University departments must make their own arrangements for shredding confidential papers to safeguard the security of confidential information.  See related UL Policy on Records Management.

Departments have the option of hiring paper shredding company to come on site and provide confidential certified paper shredding services.   Contact the vendor directly for details, to arrange pick-up and shredding, and invoicing. 

·         DGD - DGD Papers Limited, Bay M1,Raheen Business Park,Limerick. Tel: 061 491 333

·         Mr. Binman - Luddenmore, Grange, Kilmallock, Limerick. Tel: 061 359000

If your office shreds your own paper on site, please leave shredded paper in clear plastic bags and place outside your office door for collection. The shredded paper will get recycled.

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