General Cleaning

The Buildings and Estates Department has the responsibility of cleaning the University's didactic  (academic spaces) and Research Buildings. Internal cleaning of all buildings is carried out on a daily basis. 

Daytime cleaning (normal working hours) is limited to servicing of toilet areas and emergency clean ups. 

General cleaning of the campus buildings is done outside normal working hours from 6.00pm - 2.00am Monday to Friday. 

Offices are cleaned twice weekly as per this schedule and rubbish bins are only emptied during these cleans.

Should you have an issue regarding the cleaning standards in your office/laboratory/etc. Please log your concerns by e-mail ( to the Buildings and Estates Department. On receipt of your e-mail, your concern will be reviewed and the necessary action taken where required. 

Special Cleaning service 

Special cleaning service can be arranged for particular Department events. Departments holding special events can arrange for a special cleaning service by contacting by e-mail ( Buildings and Estates Department will arrange for the work to be carried out by the Campus cleaning contractor. The cleaning contractor will issue a separate invoice for the cost of the special clean to the requesting Department. 

Window Cleaning 

Cleaning of all Campus windows, both internally and externally is carried out on an annual basis between July and September. Windows will be cleaned on a building by building basis. Should the appointed contractor miss cleaning your window, please email

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