Minor works

Minor Works is a term used to describe changes, upgrades, additions, alterations to buildings and infrastructure. This is not to be confused with Maintenance which covers repairs to and up-keep of existing building elements. For example: 

Minor Works Maintenance
Additional Power Socket(s) Power socket not working
Relocate desk and tidy cables Electrical cable damaged
Additional Shelving Requirements  Whiteboard/Noticeboard damaged



If you need to have building or space changes made to a University Building, you will need to contact and work with the Buildings and Estates Department.

  • In order to start this process, you will need to complete a ‘Minor Works Request Form’ Minor Works Form
  • The completed form signed by the Head of Department should be sent to the Buildings Office AM-065.  The request will be logged and an email will be sent to confirm receipt of the form.
  • A member of the Buildings and Estates Team will make contact with you to discuss the proposed works and gather sufficient information to generate a quote.  Works will only proceed on receipt of transfer of funds/official purchase order number.


  • Buildings and Estates will provide you with a quote from our default in-house contractors. You are not obliged to use in-house contractors, however any such works will have to go through the Minor Works process and the works, the methodology and the contractors used will have to be vetted, approved and coordinated by B&E.
  • It is your responsibility to comply with relevant procurement procedures.

It should be noted that the Summer break(June-August) is always a busy time for the Buildings and Estates Department, and therefore all works that need to be carried out during this period should be requested providing as much notice as possible.


Health and Safety Awareness

Please note that departments should not arrange to undertake works involving alterations, additions, fixing to, maintenance, servicing or breaches to the integrity of the University premises and/or service systems without consulting the Buildings and Estates Department as this may lead to Health and Safety being compromised and statutory regulations being breached.



Maintenance refers to upkeep of the UL environment and infrastructure - buildings and grounds. Maintenance falls into the following categories:


Customer Generated Requests Planned Preventive Maintenance
Customer Generated Requests fall into the following categories:  
Builders' work/joiner  

We promptly acknowledge receipt of all requests. Urgent requests for maintenance (e.g. heating problems, leaks etc.) are attended to immediately. In the case of general maintenance requests, where the request has not been completed within 5 working days, contact is made with the customer/requestor, and explanation is given and an expected completion date provided. This contact is confirmed by email. We advise immediately by email when a request has been completed.


Requests for maintenance should be emailed to BuildingsMaintenance@ul.ie

Urgent maintenance requests can be reported by dialling 2001 or 2006

Planned Preventative Maintenance is carried out in the background by our permanent in-house teams, supplemented by specialist contractors as required.

Summary of Specialist Mechanical and Electrical Contracts


Safety Systems Other M&E Controls
Fire Alarm Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Building Management System
Gas Detection Special Water Treatment Pneumatic Environmental Control Systems
Gas Detection Nat gas Electrical - General Traditional Environmental Control Systems

Auto Fire Extinguishing Systems

Plumbing - General  
Kithen Extract Hood Suppression System High Tension 10,000 Volt Switchgear  
Kitchen Extract Hood Cleaning Low Voltage Switch Geara  
Emer Lighting Central Power Factor Correction  
EmernLighting Interiors Water Treatment, Heating & DHWS  

Smoke Vent Systems

Water Treatment Pool  
Smoke Curtains Radio Handsets & Repeaters  
Fire Rated Doors Access Control Systems  

Magnetic Door Releases

Autp Fire Doors Lift Passenger  
Fire Extinguishers Lift Wheelchair  
Sprinkler System Lift Access  
Fire Hydrants Boiler Burners  
Fire Hose Reels AHUs, LPHW  
Dry Risers AHUs, GasFired  
Lightning Protection ACUs  
Gas Distri Network - Internal Chillers  
Gas Distri Network - External Gas Water Heaters (AO Smiths)  
Gas Catering Equipment Compressors  
Elec Distribution Boards, RCDs, MCBs Etc Burglar Alarms  
  Automatic Doors  


Building Work/Joinery 

The Buildings and Estates Department has an on-site buildings maintenance crew that maintain the buildings throughout the campus. Buildings maintenance includes the maintenance and repair of building structure/fabric, which ranges from faulty door locks, to repair of damaged roof /wall structures. The buildings maintenance crew consists of carpenters, a general trade operative and general operatives. 

The Buildings maintenance section also has an on-site carpentry work shop which has the capability of manufacturing shelf units/press units and glazed screens to specific Department's requirements. Departments wishing to avail of this service should complete a Minor Works form and send to the Buildings and Estates Department.

 Grounds (see Landscape here)





The University of Limerick sits on a 148 hectare (366 acres) campus comprising 50 hectares (123 acres) on the north bank and 98 hectares (243 acres) on the south bank. With the completion of the Analog and MSSI Phase 2 buildings in 2015, the gross area of all buildings on campus is 222,672m² (2.4 million square feet).

 The Buildings and Estates Department is responsible for the development and upkeep of the campus landscape including its external sports facilities. The University's in-house Grounds Staff and external Contractors carry out these works.

MeadowThe development of the University has been guided by the preparation of Physical Development Plans at strategic times. Consideration and assessment of the landscape context of development has been an integral part of these plans. The priority given to the landscape through the University's development has resulted in a high quality attractive and pleasant environment, which has become a major asset to the Campus.



Meadow between River Shannon 
and Dromroe village


Water Small
Water plays an important part in the University landscape
With the addition of the North Bank Campus the River Shannon becomes a central focus within the Campus. Integration with the existing landscape and management of this natural element, primarily to protect the river, meadows and alluvial woodland becomes a challenging and exciting prospect for future.


Dromroe village landscape. Winner ILI awards 2004 
Landscape Architects, Brady Shipman Martin

West Park Small
View of West Park

WinterSun Small
Winter sun at the Millstream

Kilmurry Village
Kilmurry Village

In addition to the landscape the Buildings & Estates Department is responsible for the provision, 
upkeep and maintenance of the outdoor sports facilities.




MIllstream These include the athletics track, all weather pitch, tennis courts and over 12 hectares of high quality sports fields. 

Together with the Arena these areas allow the University to provide excellent sport and recreational facilities for the campus community and allows for the hosting of several high profile sport events.

Engineering Research Building
The new Engineering Research
Building integrates with the 
existing parkland landscape of 
the north park.



Travel Insurance 

The Travel Policy arranged by the University provides cover in respect of trips approved by the University, which are no longer than 30 days in duration, for employees or persons engaged on the business of the University are insured.  Policy information is available here (pdf format).  If cover is required for trips for a longer duration, the University must specifically inform the Insurer, prior to such trips being undertaken.PLEASE NOTE: In the event of an accident/theft you must obtain a police report in order to file a claim.

Sabbatical and other special leave: The University can arrange that the Travel Policy provide cover for sabbaticals, special research leave, professional development and other approved leave provided the employee remains an full-time employee of UL. Sabbaticals, special research leave, professional development, and other approved leave are typically for periods of between 2 and 12 months. However, if the period is longer than this, it may be considered a secondment and as such may not be possible to cover. Any such scenario should be referred to cliona.donnellan@ul.ie in good time, prior to departure.


Guidelines on Insurance Cover for Research


Guidelines and the process in place for confirming insurance cover for research: Guidelines on Insurance Cover for Research

Other Frequently Asked Questions on insurance cover for research (including information on professional indemnity insurance cover): Professional Indemnity FAQ's

For further assistance please contact the Insurance Administrator cliona.donnellan@ul.ie

For additional information on research ethics matters, please refer to:  www.ul.ie/researchethics    


 Visiting Contractors/Groups to the University of Limerick

Should a Department/Division invite a contractor/ external group to the University of Limeirck, one must ensure the visitors hold current public and employers' liability insurances to the levels of €6.5m and €13m respectively


Property Damage - Mid Term Additions of Plant and Equipment

The University's insurance cover is adequate to cover all normal purchases completed throughout the year, without the need to update the University's insurance. However, if your Department purchases a particularly expensive new piece of Plant or Equipment (over €50,000 in value), you should informcliona.donnellan@ul.ie                                                                              

With regard to items of equipment received on loan, although the University's Contents insurance covers loss or damage to University property, or property for which we have assumed responsibility, we may need to make special arrangements for the insurance of non-owned property in certain circumstances.      

If in doubt, or if the item is particularly valuable or irreplaceable, contactcliona.donnellan@ul.ie for relevant advice or to put special insurance arrangements in place.


The complete programme of insurance cover under the administration of the Buildings and Estates Department is as follows:

  • Property Damage & Business Interruption 
  • Employers Liability
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Motor
  • Fine Arts
  • Business Travel
  • Marine
  • Engineering  
  • Environmental Impairment Liability
  • Cyber Liability                 

Graduate Entry Medical School

UL Sports Pavilion Building

Tierney Building

Irish World Academy Building

Presidents House

The Villages


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