Energy Monitoring and Targeting (EM&T) 

The Buildings and Estates Department now uses an Energy Monitoring and Targeting (EM&T) system to actively manage its energy consumption. Click here to visit our EM&T page. 

UL's EM&T system measures, archives and interprets data from 130 of the most important electricity, gas and water meters on campus. The EM&T Dashboard is the means by which the campus community can interact with this information and learn more about energy consumption in their building. 

Please read Notes for EM&T Dashbord Users before getting started. 

You can find out more about how UL's EM&T system works here.


The campus uses energy in two forms:

  • Electricity for lighting, motive power etc.
  • Natural gas for space heating, water heating, laboratory use etc.

Electricity is delivered to and distributed throughout the Campus at 10,000 volts and is transformed down to useable levels (240/380 volts) within each building. The University purchases energy on a Maximum Demand Tariff. This means that unlike flat-rate domestic or commercial tariffs, the cost per unit (kWh) of electricity is a function of the maximum rate (kW) at which electricity is consumed during the billing period (month). This generally occurs between 12h30 and 13h30 each day: turning off unnecessary appliances, lights etc., especially during this period, can greatly contribute to reducing overall electricity costs. The Maximum Demand Tariff reflects the significance of the University's load on the national electrical distribution network.

Natural gas enters the Campus at high pressure and is reduced down to useable levels at the campus perimeter. UL has one of the largest privately owned natural gas distribution networks in the country. 

The Buildings and Estates Department uses a sophisticated computerised Building Management System to control energy usage throughout the campus. To view heating schedules by building please click here

For advice on protecting critical equipment against power outages please click here.

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